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Library Membership

The membership of the library is open to the teachers, students, Research Scholars and non-teaching staff members of the college. The outgoing students can keep books up to university examination. The reading facilities are provided to the ex-students of the college.

Membership Registration

Users can fill up their Library Membership Form by visiting the website of “Midnapore City College Library” by using their Unique Registration ID. After the fill up, they must submit the forms along with the documents mentioned in the membership form to Midnapore City College Library.

Library Timings

The Library is kept open from Monday to Saturday. The opening hours are as follows:

  • Reading & Reference Sections : 10-00 AM to 05-00 PM(Monday to Saturday)
  • Circulation Section : 10-30 AM to 4-30 PM [Monday to Friday]
  • Other Services (Monday to Friday): Membership, Fine Collection-3:00 p.m to 4:30 p.m
  • Borrowing Facilities

    Only registered members can borrow general books, except the books marked for Reading and Reference purpose against their borrowers cards as per their entitlement as specified against their categories.

    Categories No. of Books Duration
    Faculty members 5 30 days
    Faculty members (Contract) 2 15 days
    Students 3 15 days
    Research Scholars 3 30 days
    Non Teaching Staff 3 30 days
    Non Teaching Staff (Contract) 2 15 days
    Overdue Charges and Fines

    A borrowed book should be returned within the due date, otherwise two rupees per day per book will be charged as overdue charge after 15 to 30 days. Rs. 5/- per day per book shall be charged as an overdue charge after 30 days. The reference text book issued is for reading in the reading room and cannot be taken to home otherwise the borrower has to give a fine of Rs. 05/- per day. The reference book issued to be read in the reading room cannot be taken home otherwise the borrower has to give a fine of Rs. 10/- per day. In both cases the membership card of the borrowers shall be suspended

    The borrowing facility may be withdrawn / suspended temporarily until clearance of the overdue charges.

    For lost library cards, a duplicate library card may be issued on the basis of application supported with an FIR lodged in local police station along with a voucher of Rs.100/- deposited at the college cash counter.

    Library card must be renewed within the due date (specified in the library card) otherwise the borrower has to give a fine of Rs. 50/- deposited at the college cash counter.

    For lost library books, the user has to bring it to the notice of the circulation staff immediately to get relief from paying the delay fine from the date of application and to take the following actions whichever is permissible as per library rules:

    • Replace a new copy (latest edition) of the lost book along with a processing charge of Rs. 100/-.
    • If the (lost) book is not available in the market, for this follow the chart below:

    Cost Recovery Formula for Lost Books

    The Cost has four components:

    1. Current price of the book: This is calculated considering the inflation @5% every year, from the date of publication (compounded), over the original price;
    2. Current exchange rate: If the original book was priced in foreign currency, current exchange rate for that currency will be considered;
    3. Processing cost: Rs 100/ per book;
    4. Penalty: Penalty for loss will be calculated as per the table below:

    Renewal of Books

    For renewal, a user has to bring books to the circulation counter. If a borrowed book has not any demand by other users, it may be renewed for consecutively two times. The library has the right to recall any book if the same is required by another user for a long time.

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