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  • Library orientation - In order to familiarize our students with the library layout; we display a web OPAC of the library, illustrating the arrangement of book shelves according to subject area (DDC). This helps the students in identifying their required materials easily and quickly. We also individually meet the students visiting the library and guiding them in selecting their requisite documents.
  • Reference Service - The library holds a good collection of reference books and text books on various subjects. A maximum of 3 (three) books are issued at a time to a student for reading purposes. We provide personal services to obtain the required information from various reference sources available in the library or to satisfy any other queries as requested.
  • Lending Service - The students may borrow 3 (three) books at a time for home use for a period of two weeks and can renew the same for another week.
  • Lending Service to the outgoing students - The students appearing at the university examination may borrow books for home use through special library card system and keep the book till the completion of the examination. The students have to deposit the same within one week after the completion of the examination.
  • Syllabi of different subjects - In the present day of continuously changing frontiers, the syllabi of all subjects have been modified in recent times, in some cases substantially. To serve our readers in a better and fruitful way, we keep the syllabi of different subjects (as followed by our affiliating university).
  • Question papers of previous examinations - To acquaint the students with the demands made by various university examinations, we keep the question papers of the affiliating university for the users’ study. The questions of previous examinations are very important for study and teaching.
  • Information Service - To sensitize our users about the current and latest information in respect of various academic courses, ensuing dates of various competitive examinations, admission procedures of important institutions of higher learning, we display the Newspaper clippings of important announcements, information brochures of various academic institutes and other source materials. Information about the forthcoming seminars/workshops organized by the college is also brought to the notice of the students for their participation.
  • Latest arrivals - To inform the users about our new arrivals, we display the list of new additions along with the jacket of books (if available). Lists of books of renowned and important publishers are kept with us for consultation.
  • Periodical and Newspaper Service - We also issue periodicals and newspapers to the users for use in the library and common room.
  • LAN of the library computer with other departments - We have given a plan to make a LAN of computers of various departments of the college for accessing INTERNET from the department and for easy access of library database and other resources of the college.
  • Web OPAC / Bibliographic service: Web OPAC is the Online Public Access Catalogue which allows users avail the services of the library using Internet. OPAC website is https - //mcc-opac.l2c2.co.in/ .
  • Online Access to e-resources - Users can access the library's electronic journals, e-books, databases, etc. from any computer – whether you are at home or abroad. To use remote access, you must be registered as an employee or student at Midnapore City College Central Library.

Technical Works

The books are accessioned serially in different Accession Registers under different heads. The Accession Registers show the overall picture of library collection. Classification and Book number are assigned to each book. For the technical purpose we use the following sources:

  • Classification : Dewey decimal classification (23th Ed.) Dublin: Online Computer Library Center Inc.; 2011.
  • Cataloguing : AACR II. ed. by M. Gorman & P. W. Winkler. 2nd ed.rev. Chicago: ALA; 2002.
  • Subject Heading : Sears List of Subject Heading (13th.ed.) N.Y.: H.W.Wilson & Co.; 1986.

Departmental Seminar Library

To supplement the services provided by the central library, we have 14 departmental libraries accessible to students and teachers alike. The list of the books available in some departmental libraries can be viewed from the computer of the central library.

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